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About Estate Planning

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is about detailing how one’s estate is distributed upon death to your loved ones, organizations or charitable causes that you have named. It could also be beneficial to you in case of incapacitation. This will include instructions as to whom, what, and when the named individuals or organizations are receiving your estate, with minimal tax, court costs, and legal fees.

When it comes to estate, it doesn’t just refer to property. Instead, estate includes all that you own, i.e. home, car, savings or current accounts, insurance, furniture, personal possessions, and other real estates. 

About Estate Planning

Why do we need estate planning in Malaysia?

To distribute your estate (upon death or incapacitation) based on your wishes, the best way is to have a Will or living trust written.

Not having a Will upon death leads to your estate being distributed based on the Distribution Act 1958, where your family’s needs or your wishes will not be considered. Note that this act does not apply to Muslims or native in Sarawak and West Malaysia. In Sabah, the Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960 is in effect.

Unfortunately, this could be stressful for your family if you have dependents or the family’s sole breadwinner as it could take up to 5 years for the distribution of your assets.

Not only that, there is also a possibility that your estate may depreciate during the waiting period of the execution.

You can organize your records and keep track of titles and beneficiary designations by estate planning in Malaysia ahead of time. This could avoid any errors in the documentations to prevent any complications and additional costs to make corrections in the future.

A properly prepared estate plan is extremely important if you have minor children, as it will stipulate who will be their guardian in the event your spouse is unable to take care of them after your death. In this way, you can make arrangements for minor children and for children with special needs accordingly.

Thus, the most important reason for estate planning in Malaysia is peace of mind by ensuring that the assets are given to named beneficiaries. Both you and family know that everything is in place in case death or disability happens to you.


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Why do we need estate planning in Malaysia?

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